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Ultra Value with Ultraviolet!

Experience the clean taste of truly purified water! AquaTechnique's blüV water purification system applies leading edge ultraviolet light technology to achieve the purest hot and cold water possible, dispensed in a continuous supply. Workplaces across the country are choosing blüV systems, the Ultra Value choice.


How does Ultraviolet light kill germs?

The light that we are able to see is only one portion of the full spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. Higher-energy forms of electromagnetic radiation include ultraviolet light, X-rays, and gamma rays. Even though the term “ultraviolet” includes the name of a color, we are not actually able to see this type of light.

As scientists continue to develop ultraviolet technology, its safe germicidal action is being applied in more and more settings to sanitize air and water. Ultraviolet wavelengths destroy the nucleic acid in the DNA of pathogens, viruses and molds, leaving them unable to perform their vital cellular functions. UV light is most effective in water in which has already been filtered, because extra particles in the water have the effect of blocking some of the germicidal rays. It is for this reason that the blüV purification system places the UV light component after the other types of filtration.

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Certified Purification Technology

Our blüV system has three components: A UV bulb, an outer quartz sleeve, and starter harness. This entire system is replaced each year, so that you can be confident that your UV disinfection is always working at the optimal level. With a blüV bottleless water cooler, your workplace will enjoy the most eco-friendly, cost effective source of fresh-tasting, ultra-pure drinking water. Not only will you be free of the inconvenience and expense of storing water bottles, you will be guaranteed the cleanest source of water available today.

To schedule a free trial of our blüV water purification system, call us today at (800) 696-7873.

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