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Offering Flexible Water Cooler Contracts

Congratulations, you've made the choice to have a bottleless water cooler installed. You are on your way to pure, fresh tasting water. Upon signing, you will be thrilled with our easy-to-understand contract. There’s no fine print! In today’s economy, flexibility is a key, therefore we offer flexible terms for all our customers’ needs. Included in your monthly rental are free repairs, filters and unit replacement.

bottleless water coolersWe go the extra mile: everything is included in your AquaTechniques, the Cooler Experts, water cooler contract. Your monthly invoice will stay the same. You can be assured that any service needed will be a no-fee visit.

Which Contract Option is Best for You? Just as we help you decide what size water cooler is best suited for your office, we guide you in the right direction before you sign your flexible contract. Purification As with any office water cooler contract, special attention should be given to the purification features.

Our risk-free, one-week free trial (no contract) offers you and your employees the chance to taste the difference and experience the pleasure of pure, filtered water. You have nothing to lose. Don’t wait to experience the purest, freshest tasting water with AquaTechniques bottleless coolers, while making your green footprint.

To schedule a free trial of our bottleless water coolers, call us today at (800) 696-7873.

quote  We never have had one complaint or service problem  quote

— Tracy A.
  quote  It is wonderful to have a service provider I can depend on and recommend in a heartbeat. quote

— Denise Z.
  quote We couldn't be happier with the level of service we've received. Service calls are responded within 24-48 hours.  quote

— Mathew C.