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countertopSave space as well as money with the Countertop Interpure 1™ Water Cooler

Now it is possible to enjoy all the same benefits of the full-size Interpure™ Bottleless Water Cooler, but in a convenient smaller model. If you have a small business with limited space, you can still provide your workplace with the health benefits of an unlimited supply of purified, healthy hot and cold drinking water.

Same technology in a more compact profile

For smaller work environments, the benefits of a bottleless water system are even more crucial. Storage space is at a premium, and there is simply no place to store extra bottles. Often, therefore, the smaller office or shop may have been simply going without any source of filtered water, and the staff may have resigned themselves to getting through the day on takeout cups of coffee or plastic bottles of drinking water from the local minimart.

Now even a very small workspace can provide healthful, great-tasting pure drinking water.  The Countertop Interpure 1™ provides multiple layers of filtration technology, in the same purification system offered by the full-size unit. When the hot or cold water flows out of the dispenser, it has been filtered and purified to eliminate sediment as well as every type of chemical and biological contaminant. Even a small sink can be fitted to provide an endless stream of the freshest, healthiest water available.

Make a change in your small business or workplace to enhance the health and wellbeing of everyone on your team -- and, protect the planet at the same time! Install a Countertop Interpure 1™ Bottleless Water Cooler and be the coolest.

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