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Thank you so much

Thank you so much for your generous in kind donation of a PWIM Bottleless Filtered Water Cooler to The Ronald Mcdonald House® of Long Island. We are extremely grateful to you for your generosity and your support of our mission.

Assistant from the community is critical to our well-being. Your thoughtful and generous contribution is greatly appreciated and will serve to bring comfort and relief to those who depend on the services that we provide.

For nearly twenty five years we have been a home-away-from home for over 14,000 families of seriously ill children. Knowing that there is food, a warm bed and a helpful hand waiting at the end of a very long day is the best medicine for our families. Knowing that their family is nearby is the best medicine for the child.

Your generosity will help us to reduce one more burden for these overwhelmed families. On behalf of them and their children, who benefit most from your support, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Matthew Campo
Executive Director
The Ronald McDonald House® of Long Island


testimonialsThank you for your dedication

You have been providing our organization with bottle-less filtered water since 2011: with over 600 people in our organization, our eleven Pure Water Technology filtration units are proven work horses in our office.

We couldn't be happier with the level of service we've received during this time. Service calls are responded within 24-48 hours. The technicians are always friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. Our questions are always handled by your front office with speed and professionalism . In short, we're always treated like our business is important to you.

As you well know, we've dealt with other water cooler vendors in the past and our business relationship with you has been, by far, the most satisfying. Thank you for your dedication to delivering quality products and superb service.

Denis Gomez
Facilities Assistant Manager


testimonialsWonderful service provider

For the past 6 years AquaTechniques has provided my office with reliable courteous service along with an environmentally friendly product.

It is wonderful to have a service provider I can depend on and recommend in a heartbeat.

Denise Zofrea
Manager of Office Services
Farrell Fritz P.C.



testimonialsNever had one complaint or service problem

We are asked periodically to give a review or write a letter of recommendation and we hesitantly reply. When you contacted me and asked if I would write a recommendation for AquaTechniques I realized that this is the one time I can comply without any hesitation.

Back in 2000 Long island Eye Surgeons was using a water cooler that required numerous large bottles of water being stored and then inserted in a cooler. Delivery was always a problem as was space to store the bottles.

And then......one happy day Wayne Sturman "pitched" our business and described a water purification system that was modern and efficient and did not involve any deliveries of water bottles. The cost of this system was less than we were currently paying. I was sold and signed up.

That was over 13 years ago and in all that time have never had even one complaint or service problem with the system.. We are currently using either the 4th or 5th generation model. Upgrades are automatic and have become more "high tech" over the years. Whenever I'm in an office with an old-fashioned water cooler, I don't hesitate to sing the praises of the Aqua Technique system. It's just great to share good news.

We recently relocated our practice and just left the old model behind and AquaTechniques installed a new water cooler that was up and running on the day we moved in. Once again, superior service without any hassle!

Tracey A.Ortiz
Practice Aministrator
Long Island Eye Surgeons, P.C